• Lightning protection of the XXI century

    Long-term guarantee
  • Easy installation and maintenance

    Technology at the highest level.
  • Proven effectiveness

    In the most extreme conditions.
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Our Offer

The main function of the lightning protection system installed on the existing building is to capture a lightning stroke and then conduct discharge current safety to the ground.
Lightning Protection is becoming a necessity for any and all industries across the world. The rate, frequency and strength of lightning strikes along with storms are increasing.

To effectively protect  people and buildings we offer  professional lightning systems called GROMOSTAR and OMEGA. The main feature of GROMOSTAR/OMEGA is its particular attribute based on early formation of ionization compared to other elements of protected object. This results in targeting the lightning current flow directly to the lightning rod, and then down-conductor towards the ground.

GROMOSTAR and OMEGA LPS protects people and property from the effects of direct lightning strike in public utility facilities, industrial buildings, residential houses and open areas.

The selected characteristics of our systems:

  • innovative technology
  • scientifically proven high efficiency of lightning protection
  • the robust design allowing to withstand multiple lightning strikes
  • available with testing system
  • possible to connect lightning discharges register
  • reliability in action in various conditions
  • easy installation and maintenance
  • long-term warranty
  • lower cost compared to a conventional lightning protections system
  • the technology is patented in many countries all over the world
  • the production process is subject to ISO 9001:2008 and Qualifoudre INERIS requirements
  • GROMOSTAR was tested in accordance with NFC 17-102 standard in high voltage laboratories, such as LGE in Pau, EDF Lab Les Renardières (France), SJTU in Shanghai (China)

We hope you will be interested in working with us!

  • Scientifically proven high effectiveness of operation
  • Trustworthy and reliable structure capable of taking many lightning strikes
  • Testing system available
  • Testing results and technical characteristics certified by the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw
  • Long-term guarantee
  • It is possible to connect a recorder/counter of lightning strikes
  • Total reliability under different climate conditions
  • Easy installment and maintenance
  • Lower cost compared to traditional lightning protection system
  • Applied technological solutions are protected by patent law in many countries all over the world
  • Manufacturing process complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and Qualifoudre INERIS
  • Product tested according to the NFC 17-102 standard in the following laboratories of high voltages: LGE in Pau, EDF in Renardieres (France), SJTU in Shanghai (China)